Newspaper readers will demand to get the news they want, when they want it, and delivered the way they want to get it.

They will never again meekly accept news distributed in the way media companies find most convenient.

New customer expectations mean newspapers need new tools -- and new ways of thinking about managing information.

FutureOfNews. We're how to keep up with your readers.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
-- Thomas Edison

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FutureOfNews, LLC is committed to sustainable energy:

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FutureOfNews, LLC is an Internet and print development firm that specializes in custom news programming -- including classified ad placement systems, content management tools, interactive news features, contests, promotions and more.

We believe the value of New Media is to improve the core operations of existing media companies -- with tools for better news reportage, customer service and marketing, as well as central databases that efficiently manage information for both print and online use.

The PlaceMyAd online classified-ad placement system lets newspapers quickly accept classified ads online. This next-generation system is fully configurable using a web interface, and delivers fully-graphical ad previews that use a newspaper's exact fonts and layouts.

Current PlaceMyAd Revenue: $33,484,270.26

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PlaceMyAd is fully integrated with eClassifiedXpress from CityXpress Corp., making it fast and easy for customers to place ads simultaneously in print, in the newspaper's website and in online auctions. See it in action or Learn more.



AdEverywhere -- Radically re-invent your newspaper classifieds. AdEverywhere is a completely new business model for newspaper classifieds designed to turn newspapers into ad-placement and ad-management hubs for many sites. Contact Us for a demonstration.

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